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Tawny frogmouth in the garden

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This morning we had the lovely visit of a tawny frogmouth in the garden. They are around i nthe bush but are not that easy to find as they are very still birds.

Skybus now available in Hobart

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Good news for travelers wanting more choice for transfer between Hobart and the airport.

SkyBus is bringing fast, frequent and low cost airport transfers to Hobart.

New mast at the Signal Station

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After more than a year without a flagpole, the Signal Station is finally getting the replacement mast.

Morning walks

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We are so lucky to have our own 150 hectare reserve… Well ok it’s not our own (it belongs to Hobart City Council) but it certainly feels like it 🙂

Most mornings I go for a walk with the dog. It’s a great way to start the day and remind myself how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Autumn morning walk

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As always the Bicentennial Park next to us is a fantastic piece of bush to explore.

I woke up early this morning and took my dog and my camera for a walk. Gotta love an autumn sunrise.

Aurora at the Signal Station

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The Signal Station next door is one of the best spots close to Hobart to photograph the night sky and the aurora when it happens.


Here is a 360 panorama of the aurora and the Milky Way at the Signal Station:


We offer night sky / aurora photography tours at the Signal Station on request. Contact us for more info.

Autumn images

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I was going through my image library and came across these nice shots from last year. Autumn on Mount Nelson is always something I enjoy. It reminds me a little of my childhood in France.

View from the Signal Station at dusk

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The view from the Signal Station next door is always a treat but when you see it as dusk like this… WOW !

possum in the laundry

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We don’t always get possums in the laundry, but when we do… they are golden ones !

A couple of nights ago we left the door to the laundry open. In the morning we found an incredible mess, wee and poo everywhere, buckets tipped, vacuum cleaner tipped… chaos. Obviously a possum had smelled the dog pellets and decided it was too delicious to resist.

I cleaned everything and made sure the door was left shut for the following night. This morning I go back to the laundry and WHAAAAT… same mess as the night before! I look around and can’t find the intruder anywhere. For a while I think I’m going crazy… then I go back to have a better look and sure enough the little golden bugger had been hiding, squeezed behind the washing machine.

I left it there all day as possums get pretty confused during daylight and this evening after dinner I had to grab it by the tail and swing it out the door. My kids thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

IMAG0850 IMAG0857

NB Golden possums are fairly rare. They occur mostly in Tasmania.

Lots of snow !

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Well we’ve had a few days of truly wintery weather. Wind, rain, snow and a fair bit of chill in the air !

Luckily we were nice and warm at the Signalman’s Cottage.

On Saturday morning I decided to go and catch the classic Hobart harbour view with Mt Wellington in the background. What a sight !